Yes, I’ve been asked that many times.  Why write a musical about Kearny? That answer is two-fold.  First, my good friend Linda suggested that there be a musical about Kearny to celebrate the Town of Kearny 150th.  Those who know me realize why I wanted to jump on that.  I like to think that I can write … plays that is.  I’ve written a few that are pretty good, but this needs to be a HUGE show.

Another reason why I wanted to write this show is … inspiration!  In 2012 I saw an amazing show on Broadway called Bloody, Bloody Andrew Jackson.  It was all about the president and his life.  Not only was it told through a contemporary score, but it made history fun.  (Think the way Bill Nye inspired all of us to go into science – just me?)  Anywho, I’ve wanted to write a historical piece for a while.  I actually started writing a musical based on William Henry Harrison.  Harrison had the shortest term of any U.S. President (just 32 days).  I thought – what could he have done?  So, I started to research and write.  I didn’t really come across anything to exciting and then it happened … HAMILTON.

When I moved to Minnesota I left behind Broadway and New York theatre.  I’d usually see a show a week (to be honest I’ve had ‘two-show’ days where I’d see a matinee then an evening show – one day I even was able to see 3 shows!!).  Hamilton hit Broadway just as I got settled here.  It blew up and I thought, “Yeah, history on the stage could work!” (Thanks Lin!).  While I haven’t seen the show yet, like many Americans I’ve listened to the cast recording … on repeat … several times over!

So here I am.  Writing a contemporary historical piece about a true American warrior.  You’re going to love Kearny’s story.  It’s majestic, controversial and relatable.  I can’t wait to share it with you!

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