The Prologue

I was able to sing though the prologue this past week and I have to say I kinda love it!  The point of a prologue is top open the story for the audience and give a tiny look at some of the past.  In this case the Prologue is titled – A Night We Will All Remember – and it’s all about the ensemble (everyone but General Kearny).

The cool thing about this show is that the cast, other than Kearny, is made up of a bunch of actors who will portray many different characters in the show.  For example one male character will go from playing a soldier to a towns person and eventually General George McClellan.  Talk about range.  The best part about this show is that it’s all about Kearny’s story.  No one else matters.  I know that sounds harsh, but General Kearny was a very complex person and seeing events from his eyes can fill more than just a musical.

Back to the prologue.  The show opens in the dark as the cast enters dressed in very dark and dreary colors (don’t worry, they are about to shred your face off with crazy vocals and some hard rock).  I’m excited about this song and the mood it will set with the audience.  My favorite line – A NIGHT WE WILL ALL REMEMBER, HIS HISTORY WE ALL CAN RELIVE.  Relive we will.

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