The Process

Please check back as we document the process to create this musical!  This page will be maintained and updated by the creative team!

  • Demo Music

    Our amazing music director, Scott Burzynski, is working on recording demos of the shows music.  There are still a few songs that need some work before we open in October.  We will be posting some demo music on our media page.  

  • Done! (At least for now)

    So, that’s it.  The final version of the show is ready.  Have you ever created something and saved it with the word FINAL at the end.  Like, playFINAL.doc?  Then you make more changes so you save it as playFINALFINAL.doc … then playFINALFINALFINAL.doc … you get it!  So, right now this is the first final version, although I just read it and noticed a spelling mistake – lives to life. What I like about this show is the mixture of modern-speak and Kearnytime-speak.  Know what I mean?  Anyhow, I’m excited.  I leave for New Jersey on Thursday and plan to meet … read more

  • Edit Time

    I’ve begun to go through the show – line by line – to make much needed edits.  I love this part of the process.  This is where I get to read the show from cover to cover and ask myself a very important question: What were you thinking?!?  I can’t tell you how many times I read a line and ask myself that!  Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of the show that I pat myself on the back for but there are some tragic writing moments as well. This part of the process usually only takes me a … read more

  • First Draft is Done!

    Warning: This post contains spoiler alerts about Kearny’s life. I’m finished … with the first draft.  It’s a big step but the show is far from ready.  As a matter of fact, even when we go up in October the show will still need work.  That is the magic of writing theatre. Act One covered about 6 years time (1849-1855) in Kearny’s life.  Act Two is just one year – 1862. It’s an important year, but just one year. A lot happens to Phil in that year from the loss of his son Archie to fighting with George McClellan and … read more

  • Act One

    Act One. I’ve finished Act One (at least for now). This is my first draft and I’m pretty excited about it. The first act introduces us to how we will tell the story. Basically we have A group of actors on stage that start as the audience when General Kearny’s body is moved to Arlington National Cemetery. Suddenly the statue of General Kearny comes alive and talks directly to the audience. He decides instead of speeches he’d like to tell his story. The actors become the players of his story and we follow Kearny through his life. Act One covers … read more

  • The Prologue

    I was able to sing though the prologue this past week and I have to say I kinda love it!  The point of a prologue is top open the story for the audience and give a tiny look at some of the past.  In this case the Prologue is titled – A Night We Will All Remember – and it’s all about the ensemble (everyone but General Kearny). The cool thing about this show is that the cast, other than Kearny, is made up of a bunch of actors who will portray many different characters in the show.  For example … read more

  • Why?

    Yes, I’ve been asked that many times.  Why write a musical about Kearny? That answer is two-fold.  First, my good friend Linda suggested that there be a musical about Kearny to celebrate the Town of Kearny 150th.  Those who know me realize why I wanted to jump on that.  I like to think that I can write … plays that is.  I’ve written a few that are pretty good, but this needs to be a HUGE show. Another reason why I wanted to write this show is … inspiration!  In 2012 I saw an amazing show on Broadway called Bloody, … read more

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