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I’ve begun to go through the show – line by line – to make much needed edits.  I love this part of the process.  This is where I get to read the show from cover to cover and ask myself a very important question: What were you thinking?!?  I can’t tell you how many times I read a line and ask myself that!  Don’t get me wrong, there are parts of the show that I pat myself on the back for but there are some tragic writing moments as well.

This part of the process usually only takes me a week or so.  I’m sure other writers go over their plays more than that, but I’ve found that the more I go through a play the more I change things to something I never wanted.  So, I give myself a week or two to go through it and cut and change and move stuff.  Then I wait … for someone else to read it.  I’m hoping to have a reading of the musical before we cast this summer.  Usually a reading is the best way to really hear and understand your piece, but nothing about this process has been usual.  I’m under a deadline here!

My goal is to have some friends do a quick reading when I head back East in a few weeks.  Then we will audition and cast the show in August.

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